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Commercial Building Plumbing Services

Commercial Building Plumbing Services Seattle

Have a plumbing problem? Call (206) 659-2241 to speak to one of our friendly staff members.

Commercial plumbing has been a large part of our business for more than 20 years. Rush Plumbing of Seattle has the equipment, qualified plumbing technicians, and expertise to resolve your commercial plumbing issues quickly and with minimal interruption to your business.

From renovation work, to addressing plumbing code violations, emergency calls, and more – We guarantee all our work and provide honest, up-front pricing on all your commercial plumbing jobs.

Copper Piping Replacement or Installation
Copper piping is the most durable pipe, the best option for potable water, doesn't corrode, and can increase the resale value of your property. Copper pipe typically comes with a 50-year manufacturer's guarantee and, when combined with the Rush Plumbing guarantee, you will probably not need to worry about your pipes again. Call us for an estimate on our copper piping services today.

Crawl Space Plumbing
If your building has a crawl space and the building has started to settle, it may affect the plumbing or gas lines. If you notice something wrong with the pipes or gas lines in your crawl space, give us a call. Our experienced plumbers are not afraid to get under your building to fix the problem!

Drain Cleaning, Repair and Installation
We typically can unclog most drains the first time using snake and cable drain cleaning, as well as hydro-jet services. Additional equipment allows our experienced commercial plumbers to scour away the grease, soap, and sand out of most drainage systems up to 12″ in diameter. At Rush Plumbing, we use the latest in pipeline video inspection tools. This non-destructive method of assessing root and other damage allows us to identify the exact location of the problem and fix it efficiently with minimal digging.

Faucet Repair and Installation
At Rush Plumbing, no job is too small. So, if you just need to fix a broken faucet, give us a call. We're here to help. For faucets that are beyond repair, we can install all types: compression faucets, cartridge faucets, disk faucets, ball faucets, and custom-made faucets. We can also install electronic or hands-free faucets for public restrooms. We do it quickly too, because that's just the kind of plumbing services we provide for busy business owners!

Garbage Disposal Installation
Commercial garbage disposals can take a real beating from workers, especially in the food service industry. At Rush Plumbing, we install and repair commercial-grade garbage disposals for restaurants, hotels, and medical centers. We can typically save a garbage disposal, but if yours is beyond repair, we can recommend and install a new one.

Gas Leak Detection
First off: if you suspect a gas leak, exit the building immediately and then call 911. Never use a phone inside a building if you suspect has a gas leak because even something as small as phone use can set off a gas explosion. Never try to isolate the source of a gas leak yourself. (Please disregard any and all information you read on the Internet for do-it-yourself methods of gas leak detection.)

After you call 911, call Rush Plumbing. All our commercial plumbers have the training, equipment, and expertise needed to detect a gas leak and correct it as quickly and discreetly as possible.

Gas Line Installation and Repair
Commercial plumbing depends on gas lines, so we take gas line installation and repair very seriously. We can install new gas lines and gas-powered equipment or repair the equipment you already have. And if your gas was turned off due to a code violation, give us a call! We can get you back up to code fast!

Green Plumbing
Rush Plumbing of Seattle is one local commercial plumbing company that's leading the way for providing environmentally-friendly services to business owners. We can give you free estimates for improving the energy efficiency of your company including the installation of energy saving water heaters, low flow toilets, automatic shut-off faucets, water filters, and low flow shower heads. We have many more energy saving ideas, so give us a call for more details today!

Plumbing for People with Disabilities
Many building owners are required by law to make provisions for people with disabilities, which usually calls for specialty plumbing fixtures such as comfortable-height toilets, easy-turn faucets, grab bars, and hand-held showers, to name a few. We know the manufacturers who provide these specialty plumbing fixtures and how to install them so your building is assessible for people with disabilities.

Plumbing Code Regulations and Compliance
We're expert commercial plumbers who know local plumbing code regulations and compliance requirements. No home improvement or national chain can claim that!

Plumbing code violations can be issued for many reasons to commercial and residential properties alike. Generally, these violations aren't intentional, many people are just not aware of the plumbing codes. Violations are typically issued to commercial buildings during routine inspections, building renovations, or if someone files a formal complaint. Residences can receive plumbing violations for making renovations without a permit, illegal plumbing, or if tenants or neighbors complain.

Remember, if you receive a plumbing code violation, you haven't necessarily done anything wrong. Give us a call and we'll make sure that code violation is corrected as quickly as possible.

Whether you simply need a larger kitchen for your restaurant or are building an entire new wing for a hospital, we can design and install the plumbing configuration for your commercial building project. We will be available throughout the to help keep the renovation process moving along. With Rush Plumbing, you will never need worry about where your plumber is and why there isn't any progress on the job!

Sewer Repair, Cleaning, and Replacement
At Rush Plumbing, we offer end-to-end solutions for sewer inspection, repair, and installation. As always, we provide fast and dependable service, minimal disruption to your business, and honest pricing at a flat rate. There's no need to juggle and manage multiple plumbing repair providers, because we can do it all. This includes pipe material recommendations and delivery, root removal, video inspection, spot sewer repair, sewer line cleaning, as well as complete sewer installation. We even fix under-slab water leaks.

To know how and where to repair a sewer correctly, it must first undergo a video inspection. This non-destructive inspection method allows us to identify the exact location of the problem and fix it efficiently, with minimal digging. Video inspection can tell if you have root intrusion, separated pipes, offset pipe joints, or a broken pipe, among other things. To do this, we insert a small video camera into the sewer pipe, which sends live video of the pipe's condition or the blockage back to us. Our video inspection equipment also has locators that give us the location and depth of the sewer line damage. This often allows for spot repairs rather than larger, more intrusive efforts.

Sink Plumbing
Installing sinks in a commercial building requires more than just picking out eye-pleasing designs. You need to install commercial-grade sinks that are best suited for different environments such as restaurants, food service, hospitality, labs, schools, medical centers, and manufacturing, to name a few. At Rush Plumbing, we can find the sinks you need, order them from the manufacturer, and install them according to code. We understand how to install all kinds of commercial and custom-made sinks. And if you need your sink to work in conjunction with other equipment, we can handle that as well.

Toilet Repair and Service
It's typically more cost-effective to replace a toilet rather than repair it. But isn't always financially possible to replace every older toilet that needs repair in commercial buildings such as hotels or offices. At Rush Plumbing, we can salvage almost any older toilet. We know where to get the parts and how to fix older toilets. Give us a call with your toilet make and year and we will get you an estimate for your toilet repair job!

Water Heaters and Boilers
The installation and repair of commercial water heaters or boilers is one of our many specialties. Our plumbing technicians are experienced and fast. They also are factory-trained to install specific brands of water heaters whenever and wherever training is available.

Water Heater Tune Up
Your water heater should be inspected and serviced annually by a commercial plumber to replace corroded parts and reduce energy costs. When you get a water heater tune up from Rush Plumbing, we'll inspect the heater for leaks and corrosion, clean the burner assembly, and check the safety release valve, flu piping, and CO levels. We'll also test the emergency shutoff valve, water temperature, power supply, emergency gas shutoff valve, flu draft, water pressure, and electric elements. Most of our customers tell us that the cost of this check-up more than pays for itself in energy savings!

About Rush Plumbing Seattle
Rush Plumbing, Inc. provides commercial plumbing services to all types of businesses. Because we cover your plumbing needs end-to-end, we can't list all our services here. If you have any questions about what we can do for your business please give us a call for more information. If we can't help you, we will know who can. We are a trusted local plumber, and we're here to help in any way we can. We understand that we may not benefit directly from business today, we will in the future. This is because we are among the most honest, clean, trustworthy, efficient, and knowledgeable local plumbers in the Greater Seattle Area.

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