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Standard piping such as copper, iron, lead, and PVC naturally deteriorates over time. This can cause low water pressure, discolored water, or leaky pipes. The buildup of lime and mineral deposits can slow the flow of the water which can result in inconsistent water temperatures. Traditional piping leaves you exposed to other potentially costly issues like corrosion, heat transfer, and freezing.

The material used in PEX piping is resistant to a number of these issues plaguing traditional piping in most homes and businesses. PEX piping also comes with a host of immediate advantages over standard piping: Installation is safer with no need for a torch to solder sections of piping together at fittings. Noise levels are drastically reduced so you can say goodbye to the ‘water hammer’ noise of copper piping, for instance, as water flows more quietly through PEX piping.

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Book an Appointment with our experienced on-call Seattle PEX pipe repair and installation specialists. We’ll inspect your current piping and help you determine if PEX piping is best for your application. Our specialists will also create a cost-effective PEX pipe installation plan that is built to suit your particular home or business.

PEX has several advantages over other types of plumbing materials. It is flexible, which reduces the need for cutting into sections prior to shipment or storage. This also decreases the shipping costs. Also, because of the flexibility of the piping, fewer fittings are required for installation. The tubing can be unrolled from spools in long runs with no need for coupling fittings and can be turned 90 degrees, negating the need for elbow fittings. Fewer fittings reduces the potential for leaks and breaks in the line.

Installation is safer, with no need for a torch to solder sections of piping together at fittings. This also reduces health risks from the use of lead-based solder or acid fluxes.

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The material used in PEX piping is resistant to a number of conditions plaguing other types of pipes.

  1. Scale buildup – common in copper pipes, PEX piping is resistant to scale.
  2. Corrosion – when exposed to acidic water, PEX piping does not corrode or pit.
  3. Heat transfer – PEX piping transfers less heat than copper, conserving energy.
  4. Freezing – because it is resistant to freezing, there is less chance of breakage.
  5. Reduced noise level – without the ‘water hammer’ noise of copper piping, water flows more quietly through PEX piping.


PEX piping is less costly to install because it is a less expensive material and, with less labor involved in the installation (no cutting, soldering, and fitting), the installation takes less time. This reduces the cost of labor. Also, because there are fewer fittings, it is less likely you will need to call your local plumber back out for costly repairs.

Are there advantages to having PEX pipes?

Yes. PEX pipes consist of material that lessens degradation compared to standard pipes and is quieter than copper piping. In addition, the material is less expensive and easier to install, making it overall cheaper.

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