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PEX Piping Repair

PEX Piping Repair Seattle
Rush Plumbing Seattle Specializes in PEX Piping Installation and PEX Pipe Repair!
We offer the highest quality industry standard crosslinked polyethylene PEX piping instalation or repiping solutions in Seattle.

PEX piping for plumbing purposes is used for water supply piping in many cases because it has a number of advantages over standard metal piping like copper, iron, and lead, as well as PVC and other rigid plastic piping. At Rush Plumbing in Seattle our plumbing technicians are experienced in the installation and repair of PEX piping and are on call to help you determine if using this material is best for your application.

Do you need PEX Piping installed? Call (206) 659-2241 to speak to one of our friendly staff members.

What Is PEX Piping?
PEX tubing is made from crosslinked HDPE (high density polyethylene) polymer. It is formed through the continuous extrusion of melted HDPE into tubes. It has been used in Europe for over 40 years and was first introduced into the United States around 1980.

Advantages of PEX Piping
PEX has several advantages over other types of plumbing materials. It is flexible, which reduces the need for cutting into sections prior to shipment or storage. This also decreases the shipping costs. Also, because of the flexibility of the piping, fewer fittings are required for installation. The tubing can be unrolled from spools in long runs with no need for coupling fittings and can be turned 90 degrees, negating the need for elbow fittings. Fewer fittings reduces the potential for leaks and breaks in the line.

Installation is safer, with no need for a torch to solder sections of piping together at fittings. This also reduces health risks from the use of lead-based solder or acid fluxes.

The material used in PEX piping is resistant to a number of conditions plaguing other types of pipes:

  • Scale buildup – common in copper pipes, PEX piping is resistant to scale.
  • Corrosion – when exposed to acidic water, PEX piping does not corrode or pit.
  • Heat transfer – PEX piping transfers less heat than copper, conserving energy.
  • Freezing – because it is resistant to freezing, there is less chance of breakage.
  • Reduced noise level – without the 'water hammer' noise of copper piping, water flows more quietly through PEX piping.

Affordability PEX Piping
PEX piping is less costly to install because it is a less expensive material and, with less labor involved in the installation (no cutting, soldering, and fitting), the installation takes less time. This reduces the cost of labor. Also, because there are fewer fittings, it is less likely you will need to call your local plumber back out for costly repairs.

If you are considering renovating old piping in your home, or you need extensive plumbing repairs, you may want to consider installation of PEX piping for additional savings and reassurance of safety and reliability. Call Rush Plumbing, Inc. today to discuss the possibility of using PEX piping for your home or commercial building.

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