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Does your bathroom faucet look like a well pump from the 20’s? It’s time to call in the cows and ring the bell for Rush Plumbing.

From navigating the infinite residential and commercial regulations and compliance requirements to choosing the right toilet to fit your Feng Shui decorating principles, it pays dividends to hire a local plumbing fixture installation expert.

Rush Plumbing Seattle plumbing fixture installation specialists will perform an inspection to determine the longevity and functionality of your plumbing fixtures to create a rock-solid plan that fit your unique situation and budget. We will inspect the fixture to ensure it’s functioning properly, adhering to code and regulatory requirements, and the proper pipe connections are used.

Residential home bathroom toilet repair Seattle

Whatever solution is right for your home or business, we are standing by with tried-and-true processes, tools, and technology to get the job done right the first time. From the moment you book your appointment, our experienced team of water, sewer, and commercial plumbing specialists work bell-to-bell to fix your plumbing issues and make you feel like you’re our only customer.

Residential home bathroom fixture repair Seattle

What are the benefits of replacing your homes plumbing fixtures?

  1. Upgrade your house design
  2. Increased water flow
  3. Relax knowing that all of your fixtures will be installed correctly

Our technicians at Rush Plumbing will determine that everything is properly installed to ensure you won’t have premature leaks or busted lines. This step is because we want to make sure the installation of your new plumbing fixture won’t create undue stress on top of underlying problems that could cause even bigger issues down the line. Once our routine check is done, we’ll complete the installation process of your plumbing fixtures from start to finish.

Why is it best to have plumbing fixtures installed by a plumber?

It may be tempting for eager homeowners to try to install fixtures themselves, but Rush Plumbing not only completes the installation for you—we add the advantage of inspecting your fixtures and pipes to ensure everything is in working order, making sure your new fixture doesn’t create unforeseen problems. Plus, we’ll make sure that we follow all the regulations along the way.

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