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Water Main Repair

Water Main Repair Seattle
One watermain typically serves several, even hundreds of homes, businesses, and commercial buildings. When a watermain breaks, it can create a local emergency because it's usually the main source of water for nearby businesses, households, or multi-family residences.

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If not done correctly and according to city codes, the construction, rehabilitation, and repair of a water main line can contaminate the water supply and the entire distribution system. That's why water main repair requires a skilled local plumber familiar with Seattle area plumbing codes. At Rush Plumbing of Seattle our qualified plumbers know how to safely and effectively repair and replace water mains so your water supply can be turned back on with minimal interruption and without the concern of contamination to the water in your area.

We typically use one of two techniques to repair or replace your pipes:

  • Trenchless Water Line Repairs
    With trenchless water line repair, the damaged pipes are lined with an epoxy that is as strong as new pipes, helps to prevent future root intrusion and stop leaks, and increases the flow capacity of your water lines. It's a much more cost-effective alternative to replacing old pipes with new, and it's less destructive to your lawn or property.
  • Directional Boring Main Repair Techniques
    Directional boring techniques allow us to replace the broken pipe without digging up your property. By connecting the new pipe to the existing system, your damaged pipe can be replaced without harming your lawn or property. Best of all, the new pipe that we use is code-approved, root-proof, and leak-proof.

Cons of Using Traditional Main Repair Methods
  • Damages your lawn, yard, or property
  • Increased labor costs because manual digging is required
  • Increased restoration costs for landscaping and property
  • Inability to go around concrete driveways, patios, and other areas
  • Intrusive on the convenience and safety of your day-to-day life
  • Time-consuming technique

Benefits of Using Trenchless Main Repair Methods
  • A single location area can be used to install different pipes
  • Reduces the contamination of groundwater pollution
  • Protects the ecosystem of nearby areas
  • Reduces the excavation and landscaping repair costs
  • It is a safer operation than traditional methods
  • Weather will not directly impact the process
  • Ability to drill beneath surface obstructions such as driveways
  • Can be performed in a timely manner
  • Saves you more that 50% than traditional methods

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