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Rush Plumbing of Seattle is here for you when you need commercial or residential drain cleaning plumber to clear blocked drains, do drain repair or a new drain installation. Our experienced, qualified Seattle plumbers can find and fix the source of your clogged drain plumbing problems to help make those annoying clogged kitchen sink drains a thing of the past. Even if it goes all the way to the sewer line, we will find what’s causing the clogged sink drain and unclog it in the shortest time possible. We fix clogged sink drains for good!

Rush Plumbing’s Seattle Drain Cleaning Specialists will perform a methodical camera inspection of the pipes leaving your home or business and create end-to-end solutions that fit your unique situation and budget. Some common methods we use are drain cleaning machines or “drain snakes” for lager drains and sewers, as well as large drain machines capable of cleaning large sewer mains.

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Whatever solution is right for your home or business, we are standing by with tried-and-true processes, tools, and technology to get the job done right the first time. From the moment you book your appointment, our experienced team of water, sewer, and commercial plumbing specialists work bell-to-bell to fix your plumbing issues and make you feel like you’re our only customer.

What are the benefits of keeping drains clean?

  1. Reduced Blockages and Clogs
  2. Fixing Slow or Clogged Drains
  3. Reduce Odors
  4. Prevent Damage to Your Home
  5. Prevent Clog Formation

Video Drain Inspection

To know how and where to repair a sewer correctly, it must undergo a video inspection. Video drain inspection can tell if you have root intrusion, separated pipes, offset pipe joints, or a broken pipe, among other things. To do this, we insert a small video camera into the sewer pipe, which sends live video of the pipe’s condition or the blockage back to us. Our video inspection equipment also has locators that give us the location and depth of the sewer line damage. This also often allows for spot repairs rather than larger, more intrusive efforts.

Clogged Draining Cleaning Equipment

Customers often ask us how it all works! These snakes and machines clean a drain or sewer by rotating a flexible cable made of piano wire through the pipe. Attachments on the end of the cable scrape, bore, cut, and retrieve the blockage in the pipe. Each type of clog requires the right size cable and cutting head. Not just anyone can use these machines to their full drain cleaning potential, either: it takes experienced, qualified technicians and Rush Plumbing has them.

Can’t I clear a clogged drain myself?

Yes, if your clogged drain is because of a simple issue like hair stuck in the shower drain, there are ways to safely remove the screen and clear the surrounding area. There are similar situations when using a plunger or a chemical drain cleaner could get the job done if used correctly.

When would I need professional help cleaning a drain?

A clogged drain is not always a simple problem. Damage to pipes can occur if the wrong method is used when performing drain cleaning.

If you’ve tried the usual DIY methods and they didn’t work, or you want to make sure you don’t accidentally make the problem worse by using the wrong method, it’s a smart move to bring in Rush Plumbing to examine the problem. Professionals like us will have more sophisticated equipment to diagnose the problem and clean your drain properly.

Not all pipes are the same. We’ll be able to identify plumbing complexities, differences in material, and more, to come up with the best way to clean your drain.

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